Trends of Programmatic and Social Media

Programmatic and social media are largely used across our industry to generate brand awareness, increase site traffic, and drive sales conversions. Year after year, we see new trends on the horizon, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and offerings. The future of programmatic and social media is bright and continues to evolve. Below are some trends to keep an eye out for in 2018.



Ephemeral Marketing

In the world of social, ephemeral marketing will surge in 2018. As we begin to shift our targeting efforts away from Millennials and onto Gen Z, this concept will become increasingly relevant. What is ephemeral marketing, you ask? Well, it’s actually quite simple. It’s the idea that content should be short, precise, and impermanent. Take Snapchat as an example. Brands post “stories” which disappear within 24 hours – giving off the illusion of exclusivity. This goes against the idea of timeless content that continues to generate engagement over time, and instead, keeps content new, fresh, and exciting.



Within the last year, video has made leaps and bounds on Facebook. With the new auto-play feature, video views have grown astronomically and we have every reason to believe that the growth with continue into 2018. Within the last few months, we’ve seen short form ads pop up in the middle of a video that was already being watched within the Newsfeed. These ads are non-skippable and have high completions rates because individuals want to get back to the video they actually opted-in to watch. Pretty clever, if you ask us. As Facebook continues to use a “video first” approach, we as advertisers have increased opportunity to profit from this.


Transparency across Social Channels

In the era of fake news and in an attempt to be more transparent with the general public, social channels such as Facebook and Instagram are testing a new system which will allow viewability into all ads running on the platform. This comes into light following the most recent election cycle, however, it will impact all advertisers moving forward, not just political ones. With the simple click of a button, viewers will be able to see all active ads from any given business page. While some may see this as a negative, there is also something positive to be gleaned here, and that is insight into your competitor’s social strategy.




The foundation of the future revolves around taking a mobile-first approach. For that to work, mobile must not be a siloed environment and a responsibility of a few within an organization, but the responsibility of all marketers. Mobile is no longer an exception, but the rule. By not taking a mobile first approach, your competitors that do will have a leg up on your advertising efforts. It will hurt you in Omni Channel activation and unleashing the power of location based data for cross-device targeting.


Location Based Targeting

Who you are is defined by where you go. Being able to understand where you consumers go will help inform your marketing strategies to both their online and offline behavior. With location based data, you are able to tie a device to a person and then a person to a household. With this, you will be able to see what brands a person visits and then see what TV shows and other media they consume to unlock the Omni channel activation. To enable location data will allow you to have a better view of the consumer journey - observing, measuring, and using analytics to find out why your campaign worked and to inform your targeting strategy.


Omni Channel Activation

The idea of omni channel campaigns is not necessarily new or novel, however, they are becoming increasingly more important in our industry. In the past, we viewed programmatic and social as separate entities, when in reality, they should be seen as just one. Having this frame of mind will allow us to effectively reach our consumers with the correct amount of frequency, campaign wide. Eliminating fragmentation allows us to have consistency in targeting across the board, which results in smarter and stronger campaigns for our clients.