McCanners of MPLS | Al DeVries

Another series of McCanners of MPLS, where we feature the great people that help make up our agency. Everyone, meet Al.


How long have you been at McCann and what do you do here? 23 years, IT and some facilities stuff.

Have you ever cut your own hair? Yes, used to do it all the time with a clipper and spacers. Shortly before my sister’s wedding I accidentally gave myself a reverse Mohawk, forgetting that I’d already removed the spacer to do my neck when touching up a couple long hairs on the back of my head. Naturally I shaved it all off after that point! Since then my wife has taken over doing it and my sister has forgiven me.

Favorite go-to drink? Favorite is a Caesar (bloody Mary with Clamato), while my go-to is a hard cider.

Best date spot in MPLS? Annie’s Parlor followed by a Gopher hockey game

What movie makes you cry/laugh? My Girl/Ferris Bueller’s day Off

Name 3 things on your bucket list: Everesting (on a bike [climb 8848/29029 feet in a day]), visit the castles of the old country (Germany, UK, etc.) and snowmobiling in the Rockies

Who are your creative heroes? Bill Lyddan (a total PITA, but I’d take another one of him in a heart beat). My views do not necessarily reflect those of any office phones!

Favorite quote? Living the dream!

What do you enjoy most when you’re not working? Biking

Go-to karaoke song? I’ll let you know if I ever get drunk enough that someone gets me to sing karaoke

Favorite curse word? South paw, seriously those people are freaks. Sorry I guess that wasn’t very inclusive! Just kidding you right brained folks, but I don’t think I have a favorite, though I guess asshole is the one that gets used most often in the heat of the moment.