Pay Attention to Me!

In a world of dopamine-triggering notifications enticing us to check our phones nearly 50x per day, it is no surprise that mobile-first platforms are dominating the paid-media space. According to Nielsen, approximately 1 of every 5 minutes of an individual’s mobile interaction occurs either on Facebook or Instagram. With the burgeoning bond between a user and their newsfeeds, it is vital for brands to recognize the trends, adapt and respond to avoid getting lost in the shuffle.  

Sadly, though unsurprisingly, the attention span of an online user is shorter than that of a gold fish. Users spend, on average, close to 1.7 seconds with any given piece of online mobile content (and about 2.5 seconds with online desktop content). The goldfish clocks in around 9 seconds. Now, more than ever, brands must be agile, simple and personal.


Nail your elevator pitch.

With an average dwell time under two seconds, it’s important to capture your user’s attention right away if you want them to engage further. Users are likely to spend 5x longer on video versus static content.

Utilize video, though don’t expect users to watch with audio. Create content with the visual in mind; realize that audio is simply a complement, rather than a necessity.

TL; DR style content is king. If you can communicate your message without lengthy copy, you may capture your consumer’s attention long enough to leave an impression.  

Animated gifs, or memes are a great way to stimulate eye movement, shifting away from static images. If they’re relatable, they’re also more likely to be shared!


Simplify the process.

Ensure you provide your users with a seamless and simple form of consumption – be it one-click check out, or pre-populated ‘book an appointment’ form submissions. The fewer steps your user has to take, the more likely they are to convert.

One in three users prefer to shop online, however one in two say the load time or confusing navigation systems cause barriers to do so. Make sure your mobile site is light, nimble and able to load completely in under 3 seconds. Any longer will cause a user to bounce.


Keep an ear to the ground.

Online conversation between brands and users has grown 5x year-over-year. In order to be successful in communicating with your Generation Y + Z consumers, you must manage the community. Ensure you are responding to not only positive but also negative feedback, and offering solutions suitable for each scenario.

53% of users say they’re more likely to shop with businesses they can engage with online. Stay accessible, draft auto-responses to recurring issues or questions, and repurpose your loyal follower’s old content. Nothing validates a Millennial like their favorite brand liking their post.

To achieve the ultimate objective of reaching the right people, in the right place and time, with relevant messaging you must be tactical in how you show up in their space. Through the use of these practices, brands can begin climbing their way into a user’s newsfeed - capturing their attention and ultimately, their loyalty. 


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