How To Get Ahead: Advice From the Top 5 Women in Media

Some of advertising’s brightest women came together last week for Adweek’s Women in Media and Sports event. During a panel of enlightening discussions and necessary conversations about equality in the workplace, five of the top women in media were asked to share their tips on how to get ahead in your career. Here is a recap on some of their great advice:

1.     Luvvie Ajayi, author, speaker and digital strategist, says to do your best at encouraging an office space that is open for debate and disagreements. It can be challenging to stand out against the rest of your team, and some may be afraid to voice their opinions at all. Ajayi insists that disrupting the flow will eventually help you and push you to do your best work.

2.     Rachel Hislop, Editor in Chief for and, says that diversity is more than being a man or a woman. The editor strongly believes that diversity comes from what you can bring to the table and what will open your colleagues’ eyes to new things. Find what sets you apart and give it your all.

3.     Azania Andrews, the Vice President in Marketing for Michelob Ultra and Anheuser Busch InBev, tells young men and women that the most important thing you can do is to work hard and not be afraid to advocate for yourself. She also believes that having a plan for your career is key, but not to be upset if the plan doesn’t go as scheduled. “Have a vision and to do the best they can to live into that vision. Ask for help when they need it and make use of mentors and strong people around them to help bring their careers along.”

4.     The SVP of global brand marketing at Peloton, Carolyn Tisch Blodgett, advises young women to never be afraid to ask where you staind in a promotion or where you stand in your career. She says it’s crucial to advocate for yourself and to do what you can to prove to your superiors and the organization that you are ready and deserving of this promotion.

5.     Last, but not least, the president of USA Today Network, Sharon Rowlands, takes it upon herself to be a supporter and role model to young women and to give them opportunities to step up in their careers.


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