McCanners of MPLS | Barb Jewell

This week’s McCanners of Minneapolis is a special one. Today we honor Barb Jewell, our Human Resource Director, as she plans on retiring this fall.


How long have you been at McCann and what do you do here? Just over 2 years – Director of HR

Where are you most likely to splurge? Excursions like deep sea or ice fishing, dog sledding, rafting, etc.

If you could live at any point in history what point would that be and why? I think I would have been a good pioneer or saloon keeper J

What is a piece of information people would be surprised to hear about you? My life is pretty much an open book

What is your greatest fear? Hmm the dentist is pretty high up there

Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Nah – I had great parents – don’t want to replace them.

Favorite Instagram account you think everyone should follow: McCann MPLS!

What’s your spirit animal? According to a quiz I just took on the internet, tiger.

If you could have drinks with 3 people dead or alive, who would it be? N/A

Who are your heroes in real life? Anyone brave enough to serve in the military to preserve the way of life I am lucky enough to enjoy.

Dream vacation? Whichever is up next.