The Gift(y) of a BrandLab Internship

McCann Minneapolis Learns as Much as it Teaches from its BrandLab Summer Intern

As the BrandLab puts it themselves, “You can’t ask for a job if you don’t know it exists.”

Which is exactly why McCann Minneapolis has been thrilled to participate in this year’s Brand Lab summer internship program and have an opportunity to reveal our craft to someone who never thought of advertising as a career path they would consider.

In our case, that person was Gifty Parker who will be a senior at Park Center High School this year. Gifty was one of 70 interns selected by the Brandlab to participate in an eight week summer internship.

Before coming to McCann, Gifty didn’t find the idea of working in advertising terribly appealing, “My imagination was the suit and tie man, walking down the street, that’s what I thought McCann was going to be like” but after 8 weeks on the job, Gifty looked at the advertising business differently, “It’s so appealing, I feel a lot of knowledge coming in, I’m not just learning one thing and going home.” Her favorite surprise about the advertising industry came during a tour with our General Mills on-site team, “I was surprised to find there was a job called a food stylist! I take pictures of my food all the time and I never get my food pictures to look like that, and now I know why!”

The BrandLab internship may provide new options to explore for the interns, but it was a huge asset to McCann as well.  As Jennifer Grimm, who supported Gifty during her internship said, “The best part was her perspective, her fresh new way of looking at everything. She asked great questions and she looked at our industry differently. You forget some of the cool things we get to do, she was a good reminder of that.”

Gifty was a huge cultural asset to our office, but she was also an active contributor on client business, helping to pull together a significant competitive project which she jumped into with both feet, “My favorite thing to do here was the competitive project. It was looking at the story in the numbers, what happened to that company that changed the numbers, that’s what was interesting to think about.”

Gifty is taking the fresh perspective she developed this summer back to school where she’s looking to take on more managerial roles in various student organizations and ultimately to college where she now plans to major in management and minor in biochemistry.

Thanks Gifty for all you gave us while you were here and best of luck to you as you take on the world!