Work with us and be who you were meant to be. 

We are looking for breakthrough thinkers who can innovate instead of imitate. Someone who can make a difference through creative thinking and approach. Individuals with original and bold ideas. And above all, people who thrive in an ever-changing environment and engage with others from varying perspectives and backgrounds.

Work with us and surround yourself with colleagues who are equally passionate and curious about this space we call advertising. In an environment that is collaborative and encourages unique approaches and ideas.

Open Positions

Media Strategist


As a Media Strategist you will collaborate with professionals from other disciplines to develop highly integrated cutting edge and effective media plans.  You are passionate and habitually curious about the media space and are always looking for creative ways to extend campaign messaging and objectives through various media plans.  In this role you will use your experience to develop strategic media plans that are both innovative and creative. 


Senior Account Director


As a Senior Account Director you are curious ambitious smart and above all strive for awesome, knock-your-socks off ides. You have an ambition for greater outcomes than current state. Always striving to go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience for every stakeholder – internal and external. A preference for goal setting and working with a GAD to ensure that success is being achieved. Confident and persistent in driving forth an outcome without losing people along the way. An ability to be calm and the cheerleader in the middle of chaos. 


Senior Account Manager/Account Executive


As a Senior Account Manager, you are curious, ambitious, smart, on point and above all strive for awesome, knock-your-socks-off ideas.  You are an expert at weaving your way into the hearts and minds of clients and love cultivating relationships.  You must be analytical, detail-oriented, passionate, and above all confident.


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Why McCann Minneapolis


We understand that you have a life outside of work and encourage our teams to use their passion and energy for good both within our walls and out. We work hard but we play hard too and pride ourselves on fostering relationships that not only bring our teams together but strengthen our bonds to the community. Perhaps it is a Minnesota Nice thing, but we believe in expanding our horizons and using what we learned to give back.


More than your run-of-the-mill  


Yes we offer medical, dental and vision insurance, 401k and progressive family leave. We believe benefits are so much more than that and in essence they should allow you to live life the way you want to.


Prime downtown location with sprawling views

Convenient lightrail and bus stops (literally just out the door)

Generous time off schedule to accommodate work/life balance

Summer Days program which allows for extra time off during the warmest months of Minnesota

Onsite fitness center

Onsite yoga classes

Beer keg

Various employee discounts including monthly cell phone bill discounts

Training opportunities at both a local, regional and national level

Access to a vast network of resources offered through McCann


Where to Start...


While most associate Minnesota with cold winters, the fact of the matter is that our city consistently ranks amongst the top for bikeability, health, theaters and arts, literacy, food and beer. We are home to over 15 Fortune 500 companies and have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. We were just voted as the second best state for working moms, we have one of the highest theater seats per capita outside of New York and believe it or not more shoreline than California. 

If winter sports aren’t your thing (think ice fishing or snowboarding) no worries; there are plenty of things to do inside. Countless theater plays, operas, cooking classes and indoor sports just to name a few.

And we would be remiss not to mention our extensive system of pedestrian footbridges connecting various downtown buildings. Known as the skyway they keep downtown dwellers warm during the coldest months and for those of us who would prefer to enjoy the snowglobe effect from inside they afford a beautiful view.