Katie Robbins

VP, Director of Program Management

The first website Katie worked on featured rainbow colored radio buttons, a weather widget and a spinning globe animated gif. It was about the correct use of apostrophes, and she has scoured the Wayback Machine trying to find it. It was fabulous, but unfortunately, you’ll just have to take her word for it.


In her current role, Katie is responsible for the delivery of all user experience, design and development deliverables; from discreet projects to enterprise technical solutions, and she oversees a robust and storied content publishing capability. Katie’s tenure with the agency spans nearly 20 years. In that time, she has come to specialize in building teams of highly talented and capable individuals and partners, and optimizing our delivery approach based on the client’s ever changing needs. Katie loves all things having to do with process, and she can, has and will talk about work-flow models and capacity planning all day.


Katie’s clients have included General Mills, SuperValu, 3M, Nike Bauer, Allina Health Care, Carlson Companies, Nestlé Purina, Land ‘O Lakes, Target Corporation, Toro, Microsoft and H&R Block.