McCanners of MPLS | Aleisha Samek

Welcome to McCanners of MPLS, a short feature on the great people that help make up our agency. 


How long have you been at McCann and what do you do here? I’ve been working for McCann for four months as a Digital Designer

First celebrity crush? Current celebrity crush? Naturally Aaron Carter was my first celebrity crush after he guest appeared on an episode of Lizzie McGuire. Jamie xx has taken Aaron Carter’s place, what an upgrade!

Celebrity doppelgänger? I’ve been told I look like Leighton Meester

What do you do when you’re not working? I like going to concerts and traveling

Favorite food? Popcorn has been an all-time favorite food of mine

Last thing you Googled? Podcast awards – I love podcasts! The spookier, the better.

First-ever job? Housekeeper at Homewood Suites by Hilton

Where was the last place you traveled to? Arizona

Current song on repeat? Lay Down by Touch Sensitive

What’s on your desk? Headphones, Betty Crocker mug, and sticky notes

Favorite thing to do in MPLS? Trying new restaurants and going to the lakes