Our client, KeyBank, was facing a problem familiar to many regional banks. Research proved that if we were able to successfully acquire new checking account patrons, the likelihood of expanding the banking relationship with those customers becomes higher. The problem was, we needed to cut through the noise to create demand for KeyBank’s checking account product.


After identifying what was most important to our core audiences’ checking account needs - no charges, no fees, and no hassle – the Hassle-Free Checking Account was born. We then created a strategy around this responsible checking account solution. Mr. Responsible to be precise. Embodying our target audience, Mr. Responsible finds himself in familiar, light-hearted situations where an “Oops! Moment” would usually incur banking fees. But, with our newly conceived Hassle-Free Checking Account, Key Bank clients avoid the frustrating costs that drive them crazy.


The campaign was a complete package, reaching our audience through high-traffic live-viewership events, on social media, BuzzFeed, and at sporting events. We even attributed our programmatic digital campaigns directly to in-branch sales. Not to toot our own horn, but when you start doubling and tripling sales objectives, they stop calling you Mr. Responsible and start calling you Mr. Effective. And they also call you a 2016 Silver Effie Award winner.