Social Media channels like Facebook and Instagram continue to come up with innovative ways to deliver content and support a seamless viewing experience on all devices. These platforms are quick to respond to consumer and advertiser demands alike.  In fact, Facebook and Google capture as much as  85% of digital advertising dollars and Instagram is used by one-third of all Internet users in the US.  Demands for scale and hunger for engagement changes how content is circulated on the newsfeed, but it is also informing the way advertisers produce engagement-worthy stuff. AKA, we all want more taps and double-taps. This is exactly how we approached our strategy for Johnsonville’s “Sausage Sunday” campaign last year.


To reach their female audience with recipe ideas for how to use Johnsonville product each Sunday, we took to Instagram with It was the perfect partnership and channel to entice and inspire people on-the-go. To ensure our content was primed for the channel, we recommended a unique video be created for our Instagram ad. Quick, to-the-point, visually delicious, and optimized for auto-play, the videos successfully shared recipe how-to’s and directed users to a recipe carousel on Pinterest for more ideas. Group Media Director Doug Stokes talks more about the strategy behind this successful campaign in an article with ad exchanger here.


All in all – it worked. And not only to sell more sausages. The video ads we created in partnership with WomensForum achieved a 2016 Silver Telly Award for Online Video: Branded Content & Entertainment – Promotional Branding. Congratulations to the teams that worked on this campaign! Is it Sausage Sunday yet?