McCann Minneapolis Blankets the Twin Cities for Truth About Street


On October 10th, over 20,000 McCann Worldgroup employees across the world dropped what they were doing and flooded into the streets of their city. The purpose? To learn the unique truths that help shape our global and local market and to better develop solutions for our clients.

Armed with six questions (and matching tees), our task was to ask and survey citizens of the Twin Cities Metro area about their shopping habits, culture, e-commerce experience and consumer attitude. Around the world in over 100 countries, other McCann Worldgroup companies were doing the exact same thing. The answers discovered will later become part of a giant, global study called Truth About Global Brands, helping McCann Worldgroup grow and understand the world we live in.

Our agency broke into groups of five and divvyed up areas of Minnesota to visit, including the North and West metro Suburbs, Northeast Minneapolis, Downtown Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, Mall of America, St. Paul, Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, and last, but not least, the town of Faribault. Aside from our questionnaire, we also kept our eyes open and observed styles and characteristics of each region, like how brands and businesses promote themselves in a unique and local way. The result ended up being a successful and humbling experience. Minnesotans were eager to talk about their life in the consumer world and provided our teams with helpful information that will hopefully lead to greater insight about cultural shifts and shopping trends.


McCann Worldgroup’s President, Luca Lindner, has said “This is the first time that we have galvanized our entire employee base to help us develop in-depth insights about local culture and its connection today to brand attitudes and shopping behavior.”

Shane Robbins, McCann Minneapolis’ SVP Group Account Director says, “Truth About Street was a great opportunity for our team to get out of the office for a few hours and explore what’s really on people’s minds in the Twin Cities. I was struck by how optimistic people are across the board even in these weird, politically divided times. And also how much everyone hates the stereotype that we all talk like they did in the Movie ‘Fargo’ – 2/3 of the people we talked to mentioned it!”

Truth Central, McCann’s global intelligence unit, has conducted over 20 studies world wide, including Truth about Youth, Truth about Moms, and Truth about Wellness.

Want to see some of the fun that we had? Visit our Instagram page at @mccannmpls or search the hashtag #TruthAboutStreet to check out some of our greatest moments roaming the streets of Minnesota.